Importance Of Sexual Compatibility In a Relationship

Sexual compatibility is a huge thing in a relationship. It’s not just pertaining to sex drives, neither is also to do with turn-ons or turn-offs and just sexual compatibility in general.

Pre-marital sex is a good thing. You don’t want to commit to someone who you do not know sexually because sex is a huge part of a sustaining relationship.

High Sex Drive vs. Low Sex Drive

We come from a very shaming, sex-negative society in the sense that if you have a low libido or low sex drive, you are usually seen as a stuck-up person who does not like sex or any type of other physical intimacy. But if you have a high sex drive, you are seen as a horny person that can’t stop having sex and maybe even considered a sex addict.

Those are two very extreme cases, but when people think high sex drive or low sex drive, a lot of people think of those two definitions.

Which one is better?

We constantly find ourselves thinking what’s better or which one is better; to have a low sex drive or a high sex drive? We are constantly thinking about which one’s right and which one’s wrong.

Actually, none of them are right and none of them are wrong. They are just different and that is something that you need to think about in a relationship. How much sex do you want to have? Who do you need to be compatible with? It’s like you would eat popcorn three times a week and someone else might just want popcorn once a month. That’s completely okay and none of them are right or wrong as long as you have a healthy and balanced diet. You just need to find someone that wants to have as much popcorn as you do. How much popcorn you eat is not going to be crucial for you to have a successful relationship and sex.

Just intimacy in general might have a lot to do with the success of a relationship. Touching on the importance of sex and intimacy, there always has to be compromised, but there are certain times where you can’t compromise on things that you need and that the other person is not going to be able to give you.

Final Thoughts

Everything is acceptable no matter what kind of sex drive you have. You just need to find someone who is sexually compatible with you. Thus, you don’t have to make huge compromises. We all deserve for our needs to be met. For sure, there are people out there who will share the same things in common with you even if it’s a high or low sex drive. In a nutshell, when two partners have different sex drives, it can’t work, but the sex drives have to be somewhere near and somewhere where you can both reach a compromise that you are comfortable with. It’s really important that you try and reach a compromise with your partner. If the answer is no, you guys are sexually incompatible.

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